About us

Who we are

The Border Canoe Club (BCC) has been in existence since 1987, and represents the river Canoeing and Surfski disciplines in the greater East London area. In recent years, the resurgence in popularity of paddling has meant significant growth for the club, which now has over 300 members. A number of national Surfski and river canoeing paddlers have come out of the BCC, and the club continues to produce world class paddlers.

The club is very active, with no fewer than twenty races organised each year. The weekly highlight for many is the Time Trial. Every Wednesday evening, paddlers test their times over a 9,4km river course. This is followed by a social gathering of families and a hearty meal in the clubhouse.

New paddlers, both young and old, are given all the encouragement they need, and solid training and development programmes cater for and make both advanced and novice paddlers feel welcome.

The club is situated in beautiful surroundings on the west bank of the Nahoon River, giving paddlers easy access to both the river and, via the river mouth, to the sea.

The Academy

The Academy provides an opportunity to new paddlers, to the sport. New paddlers will be required, after the first introductory session to provide their own equipment (boat, paddle), although disadvantaged paddlers who are otherwise unable to participate in the sport due of financial constraints may be assisted, subject to limited resources of the club, with the use of equipment and free coaching.


From the archives

At BCC we are proud of the strong history the club has. Here are some of the documents from the archives.

BCC Committee

NamePositionContact number
Helen WoodClub Chairman082 575 9876
Chris BattingPast Chairman083 444 2464
Dale HeidtmanClub Captain083 635 3108
Adam RobertsonClub Captain083 234 4122
Hilary RouxClub Secretary083 967 9343
Tony BalshawClub Treasurer082 555 7766
Gary AtkinsonRiver Proficiency & Tripping082 859 3898
Leslie van Zyl SmitRiver Proficiency & Tripping082 889 2166
Beth BurtonDevelopment Facilitator083 275 6701
Nix BirkettDevelopment Facilitator082 556 6476
Madi MalherbeSocial Media & Newsletter079 565 2043
Grant DavieInformation Technology079 453 8376
Craig MalherbeClub Manager & Events082 841 5231
Vanessa MalherbeClub Manager & Events083 621 0191
Duncan BoydSafety Officer083 763 8723