Marathon canoeing

Marathon canoeing

Flatwater marathon racing is a highly tactical discipline that takes place in a lap format, with a portage at the end of every lap. The laps are typically about 4.8km and the portages are roughly 200m. Different distances are raced depending on age category and sex of participants. The k1s typically being lighter versions of Olympic sprint boats
This type of racing is very spectator friendly with action throughout the race.

Other Disciplines


Sprint paddling is all about speed, countless hours are spent not only training but also to make movements more efficient to enable the boat to move faster through the water.


Surfski’s are sit on top kayaks designed to be used in the sea.  Originally designed as lifesaving equipment to reach swimmers in distress quickly,  the sport has progressed to the exciting sport it  is now.


River racing is a unique aspect to canoeing, it throws paddlers into a world where canoeing and adventure racing almost combine.


Guppies are k1’s designed for children 12 years old or younger and have a big following in South Africa. These boats are raced at inter schools, inter club and interprovincial competitions in both the sprint and marathon categories.